Master Trooper David Edward Rich

Photo of Master Trooper David Edward Rich
End of Watch: Thu, Jul 5th, 2007
Date of Incident: Thu, Jul 5th, 2007
Cause of Death: Gunfire (Intentional)
Service Time: 18 years
Age: 41


His wife and three children


Master Trooper Rich was in plainclothes and had just left the State Police Post in Peru when he stopped to assist a disabled motorist just before 4:00 P.M. (EDT) Thursday on U.S. 24.

As he cleared from that motorist, it is believed that he spotted another vehicle that he thought might also be disabled. When he approached the vehicle, the occupant shot him from inside the vehicle with a shotgun. The 21 year old suspect then turned the gun on himself.

The vehicle the suspect was in had been reported stolen by his father earlier in the day.

Information obtained from the Officer Down Memorial Page.


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There are 17 tributes for Master Trooper David Edward Rich.

Master Trooper David Edward Rich
Left by Jan R. Maller on Monday, July 16th, 2007

Dave and I shared many good times on duty with the department as well as off. Being best friends, there are a lot of memories that only he and I shared. We confided, trusted and counted on one another as only the best of friends can do.

It was such a tribute at DaveâAos funeral that the theme was not how great of a police officer he was, but how great and loving a person he was. Although Dave took great pride in his job; it was his family and friends that meant the most.

DaveâAos greatest treasure was easy to recognize, it was his family. Connie and the kids were his life. Everything revolved around them. I remember how nervous and emotional he was when he proposed to Connie on the double ferris wheel at the Bluffton Street Fair. He was so proud and honored to have her as his wife. When Lauren was born, Dave treated her as a princess. I remember even before my daughter, LanaeâAo was allowed to hold her for the first time, Dave asked if she would wash her hands before doing so. After the twins, Carson and Connor were born this went out the window. It got to be an inside joke, that the boys could have eaten their food off of the floor. Dave loved the boys, they were to be âAumenâAu. Dave was going to show them how to hunt, fish and play sports and all the other âAumanlyâAu things in life.

With his kingdom being set, Dave had his Queen Connie, Princess Lauren and PrincesâAo Carson & Connor. But this wasnâAot a monarchy it, it was a âAufamilyâAu. With DaveâAos death, Connie lost a husband, the children a father, Jack & Linda a son, Bob & Kim a brother, I a best friend, the State a great Trooper and the world lost a Great Person. Why did it happen, only God knows. Perhaps he saw Dave and thought Wow, he is such a great person who loves and cares for so many. But even more importantly, perhaps he saw a person who is loved and cared about by so many. IâAom sure God must have thought, DaveâAos done his job well on earth, I will now bring him home as this is the type of person I want with me in Heaven.

Dave will be forever missed, but never forgotten. Rest in peace my friend. Because of GodâAos mercy, and JesusâAo sacrifice, we will meet again.